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Today Information Technology (IT) and its related dependencies touch every aspect of business. From the most mundane task to mission critical functions, an efficient and secure IT infrastructure is a must to propel business forward. Enter Cynerge. We understand business. We understand technology, and we understand how to make them work in harmony to create true business value. We employ a collaborative and solutions-first approach to solve business problems with technology.


We help companies embrace the cultural and technical changes that enable continual delivery of software with fewer defects
Custom Software Development

Product Development

We design and build beautiful software and apps that meet your specifications
IT Optimization

Digital Transformation

We identify and obtain costs savings and cost avoidance opportunities across different IT assets, such as software and hardware

Who We Are

Founded in 2005, we've flown below the radar by design. Our business started with a few projects that slowly morphed into more projects and additional clients. Along the way we've been careful to keep our business ethos front and center; we wanted our growth to be in line with how we do business. The nature of methodology is such that we become embedded in your business. We get in the trenches with you so we're viewing everything through the same lens. We forge a relationship that goes well beyond a simple service provider. We pride ourselves on creating a positive customer experience that encourages repeat business. A testament to this strategy has been the organic growth that has taken place thanks in large part to referral business.


Simply stated, we cut through the IT haze to help you understand the problem and the available solutions. We’re not beholden to one platform or idea; we view every client and every project as a unique challenge that requires its own customized solution. Before firing off a potential fix, we take a deep dive to understand the root cause from both an operational and a technology perspective. This thorough process results in us having a clear picture of your business while also creating a true partnership. We become as vested as you and our primary driver is seamless implementation and results.