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What is esri?A global leader in providing GIS solutions

Enabling users to analyze and visualize spacial data

GIS technology is used to map, analyze, and interpret data related to geographic locations. Esri’s flagship product is the ArcGIS platform, a comprehensive suite of software tools and applications for creating, managing, analyzing, and sharing geographic information.

Add value to your company’s offerings

Esri is a company that has played a significant role in advancing GIS technology, providing tools and solutions that have widespread applications in diverse industries for analyzing and understanding spatial data.

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Benefits of EsriA wide range of applications for different enterprises

From government agencies, non-profits, to commercial

Esri technology is widely used across various industries, including government, environmental management, urban planning, natural resource management, public health, transportation, and many others.

Technology access & expertise

Tech access & expertiseAccess to GIS technology

By partnering with Esri, a small IT company gains access to Esri’s Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, including the ArcGIS platform. This access allows the company to integrate powerful mapping and spatial analysis capabilities into its solutions.

Tech access & expertiseTraining & certification

Esri offers training programs and certifications that can help the IT company’s staff build expertise in GIS technology. This training can be valuable for developing specialized skills and staying updated on the latest advancements in geospatial technology.

Tech access & expertiseSupport & resources

Esri provides support services, documentation, and resources to its partners. This support can be invaluable for troubleshooting, implementing best practices, and ensuring the successful integration of GIS technology into the IT company’s solutions.

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Enhanced solutions

Enhanced solutionsEnhanced capabilities

Integrating Esri’s GIS technology into products or services can enhance the capabilities of the IT company’s offerings. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that require geospatial analysis, mapping, and visualization.

Enhanced solutionsIndustry-specific solutions

Esri’s technology is widely used in various industries, including environmental management, urban planning, natural resource management, and more. Partnering with Esri can help the IT company tailor its solutions to meet the specific needs of clients in these industries.

Competitive advantageMarket differentiation

Set yourself apart in the market

A partnership with Esri allows you to offer unique and specialized solutions that leverage spatial data, potentially attracting clients with specific geospatial needs.

Networking & collaboration

Networking & collaborationCommunity engagement

Through partnership, the IT company becomes part of the global Esri community. This provides opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration with other GIS professionals, researchers, and organizations.

Networking & collaborationBusiness development opportunites

Partnering with Esri may open doors to business development opportunities, including joint ventures, collaborations, and access to Esri’s extensive network of clients and partners.

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