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Born by libraries, built for the community

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Simple, responsive, and powerfulAbout localhop, and what makes it special

LocalHop offers an integrated suite of event management tools that can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs. Simply designed to efficiently help connect your local community.

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Our network within Cynerge branches over into LocalHop as well. We focus on bringing technology to the community and patrons!
-Aram A.

At a GlanceProviding more than 90,000 events to our users

LocalHop provides organizations the ability to scale events, promote a variety of event categories, all while generating more brand awareness for each community served. Our services provide both a platform to manage events and rooms as well as catering to the needs of custom-built websites to allow organizations to flourish further.

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Company RelationA Connection To The Community

LocalHop has a primary focus on bringing users and their community together whether that’s between a Library organization and their patrons or a municipal and their fellow visitors. Ultimately LocalHop strives to bring engagement back into the community in which is rooted from the branches of our parent company Cynerge Consulting.

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Agency BrandingCustom & Uniquie Websites

LocalHop is a leader in providing event and room management services to community organizations. Take that to another level with our custom website services. Our easy to use, configurable websites natively integrate with the LocalHop suite of products to create an unparalleled user experience.

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Our visionEmpowering local businesses with innovative technology

Within LocalHop we envision unifying communities through innovative events and empowering local businesses to thrive. All while nurturing our team’s growth towards evolving continuously with boundless connections and prosperity within the community.