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A measure twice, cut once approach

At Cynerge, we value clean, reliable, and easily maintainable solutions. To help deliver on this promise, Test-Driven Development is the philosophy that guides the development team day-to-day in the solutions it creates and delivers for our clients. This philosophy goes hand-in-hand with our preference for agile development by valuing functional software to specifications, quickly, over comprehensive documentation.

What is test-driven development?

Test-driven development involves developers writing test cases or unit tests for small pieces of functionality before writing a line of code. This creates a tight feedback loop for the developer, who can then program each piece of functionality to satisfy test and business requirements, ensuring simple, maintainable, and bug-free code. By starting small and keeping it simple, developers can successfully leverage working code rather than duplicating efforts or creating unnecessary complexity.   

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Why do we do it?

Following a test-driven approach to development results in better application design, code quality, and ultimately reduces the overall development footprint and drives speed to market by eliminating rework. While developers must account for a slight increase in scope up front for writing test cases, their focus on delivering functional software early reduces maintenance and user acceptance periods.   


The test-driven development process involves three primary steps for creating functional, maintainable, and high-performing solutions:

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Before starting each piece of functionality, a test is written against business requirements before writing a line of code. Many agencies will only test after development, creating rework and unnecessary waste.

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As development begins, developers write only enough code to pass previously established unit tests or test cases. This ensures simple, maintainable, and reusable code that satisfies test requirements.

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With functionality that is programmed to pass testing, code is refactored or optimized to improve readability and maintainability. After each refactor, code is tested again to ensure all functionality has been preserved.


Talk to us about:

Custom web and app development

Our team is experienced in building custom websites, applications, and mobile responsive solutions.

Integrations and api development

We can integrate with other third-party systems through web services and development of REST API endpoints.

Application modernization

We don’t always start from scratch. The team has deep experience in enhancing and optimizing legacy business solutions.

Best practice dev coaching

Good developers are hard to find. Talk to us about providing coaching, training, or consulting for in-house dev teams.

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