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An empathetic approach to solution and interface design.

Putting users First

Cynerge Consulting adheres to Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design Principles as part of its overall user experience and interface (UX/UI) design process.  

What is human-centered design?

Human-Centered Design is a creative approach to solving both new and existing problems end users may have with a given product, service, or digital experience. This process channels empathy and seeks to understand, in intimate detail, the friction, challenges, and goals of real life users. Using the human perspective, Human-Centered Design often results in a number of ideas or potential solutions to a given problem.   

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Developing a great digital product requires the pre-work of research and understanding diverse audiences, each with their own specific needs. Applying a human-centered approach guides our decision-making during the design process to ensure user needs are addressed, resulting in frictionless experiences and more intuitive solutions.  


There are four primary steps in Cynerge Consulting’s Human-Centered Design Process:

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When setting out to design a product or service, we seek to answer some basic questions: Who are we building this for and why? The answers can result in a wide range of potential solutions before committing to a given approach.

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Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice. We dive deep into core problems and their symptoms to understand the root of the issue. By focusing on functional impact rather than aesthetics, this helps focus and guide decision-making during the design process.

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With a healthy understanding of user needs and core business problems, iterations of rapid prototyping begin. Tested against actual users, the feedback and data collected become invaluable when creating truly human-centered solutions and experiences.


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The product design process never truly ends — it simply repeats itself. Collecting user feedback and regular testing informs new product updates and enhancements which ensures the solution continues to resonate with your most important audiences.

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Build an understanding of key audiences through interviews, research,  analytics, and persona definition.


Quickly vet the viability of a business idea or solution before committing budget or resources.

Testing and optimization

We enhance and improve performance of legacy websites and applications through regular testing and user feedback.

Visual design services

Our in-house designers offer full web and app design services, including wire framing and creative compositions.

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