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We’re changing the perception of IT

With the proliferation of digital and information technologies across all aspects of business, IT teams today are more than just a helpdesk — they’re a conduit for driving transformational change. From automating back-office processes to supporting internal users and engaging customers, IT teams are the backbone for digital-minded and future-ready organizations. At Cynerge Consulting, we blend technical expertise with business understanding to equip IT teams with the tools and know-how to improve operations, drive collaboration, and increase capacity. 


A modern IT infrastructure is vital to supporting application teams and the IT services that give your business an edge. We use tools like Puppet to help automate configuration management, increase speed to market, and do away with tedious, manual efforts. 

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Collaborate more effectively

We help bridge the gap between IT and operations teams. By implementing DevOps practices and turnkey CI/CD pipelines with tools like Jenkins, we give teams the ability to deliver software faster, more frequently, and with fewer defects.   

The hosts with the most

We’re proud to be an AWS Select Partner and have deep experience with cloud hosting, migration, and datacenter management.  Let us help reduce the time and hard costs associated with hosting and managing environments while ensuring uptime and business continuity.

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Digital Transformation Services:

Turnkey CI/CD Implementation

Bridge the gap between operations and IT teams to deliver software faster with fewer defects.

Configuration MANAGEMENT

Automate system and infrastructure tasks from server management to install and configuration.

IT and Application Modernization

Modernize and integrate legacy applications to improve performance and end user satisfaction.


We can help assess, migrate, host, and manage business cloud infrastructure.

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