Enabling development and operations teams to collaborate more effectively.

Enabling Software delivery faster, more frequently, and with fewer defects 

More than a buzzword or passing tech fad, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) represents a new mindset for growth-oriented organizations. Gone are the days of rip-and-replace digital, software, or other IT projects. Here and now, websites, applications, and other assets represent ever-evolving digital products, which require ongoing planning, maintenance, and enhancement to drive long-term business value. 


DevOps and CI/CD are all about effective collaboration and removing traditional silos in the name of continuous delivery. With CI/CD in place, developers working independently, and often on different platforms, can collaborate, create, and commit compatibly using automation. By automating the integration, testing, and delivery phases, this reduces manual effort, human error, and promotes speed to market.  

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Cynerge implements a standard CI/CD pipeline and release processes across all projects. Our CI/CD pipeline is ready to integrate with existing applications with minimal setup, can be modified to further meet business needs, and allows use to release and iterate faster while visualizing the path from commit to production in a single screen. Because of the way we’ve optimized our pipelines, we are able to push fully tested changes within minutes instead of days. By removing these roadblocks, we are able to deliver results faster.  


Our custom CI/CD pipeline is the backbone for our test-driven development and DevOps approach. Facilitated by Jenkins, unit testing, end-to-end testing, ADA Section 508 testing, and vulnerability testing may be automated and baked into the release process. We believe that by equipping development teams, the need for manual testing is eliminated, freeing developers to commit code more frequently and focus on refining the overall quality.

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Talk to us about: 

TURNKEY CI/CD Implementation

We’ll equip the project and internal teams with a modern framework for collaborating, creating, and releasing software.

Containers and Kubernetes

With Docker, we create portable and predictable environments for developers with business requirements baked in.

Testing, security and Compliance

Our test-driven development approach ensures testing, security, and compliance are rolled into all new releases.


With tools like Jenkins, we help shorten the turn time on deployments from days or weeks to just a matter of minutes.

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