Config Management

Improving deployment speed and quality.

Introducing Infrastructure as code

Supporting DevOps, test-driven development, and CI/CD principles, configuration management, or Infrastructure as Code (IaC), helps businesses reduce manual processes for environment management, including the potential for human error and environment inconsistencies. This approach supports version control and automates the provisioning and configuration of environments to expedite deployments while allowing developers to test applications early and often during development cycle.  

Puppet Professionals

We are Puppet certified experts who have consulted with Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies on how to automate provisioning and configuring of environments and IT assets to support DevOps, CI/CD, and test-driven development efforts.   

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Automate the minutiae and mundane. Using its own declarative language, we provide the ability to pre-define and maintain system configuration requirements to create predictable and reliable environments for testing and deploying new features.   

Promote a DevOps Culture

With automated config management and IaC, continue to support product owners as well as DevOps and agile app dev teams by removing roadblocks to testing, integrating, and deploying new features. 

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Talk to us about:

Puppet Expertise and Services

We’re Puppet certified experts who consult with Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies.

DevOPS Best Practices

From automation to containers and turnkey CI/CD pipelines, we’ve got you covered.

Cloud hosting and computing

Ensure availability while supporting DevOps practitioners and app dev teams to be more agile.

Test-Driven Development

We commit to testing early and often during the development cycle to reduce rework.

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