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Project Overview

Conceptualized around the natural phenomenon of virga – where rain evaporates before it hits the ground – Communications Virga was conceived as a tool to help Forest Service leadership communicate more effectively. To achieve this, the application sought to identify where, how communication can break down and challenge FS leadership to make all communication “real, relational and responsible,” dubbed the ‘Three Rs.”


The Communications Virga idea was great, but now the Forest Service needed a partner capable of executing the idea. Enter Cynerge. We needed to turn the macro level ‘Three Rs’ into something quantifiable and actionable for Forest Service Leadership. Communications Virga needed to be a real time, responsive, feedback and survey application.


The Cynerge Team took the original vision and created a survey application that could give Forest Service leadership the tools to communicate more effectively. Via the app, an admin user could go in and create a customized survey from scratch or select one of the pre-built survey templates. This enabled Forest Service leadership to utilize such surveys for events, speeches and town halls, with the enhanced ability to view the survey feedback immediately. With the resulting data, Forest Service leadership was able to understand their audience and tailor their messages, in line with the broader ‘Three R’ vision.


  • Brand new application – all design, wireframes, coding, and deployment done in house
  • Utilized a custom Authentication that would allow users outside of the FS to access the surveys
  • First FS application to use QR Codes for real time feedback
  • Utilizes Chart JS for visual and graphical survey feedback on Surveys


Technologies Utilized

Application Purpose
Laravel PHP PHP Application Framework Framework
MySQL Application Server
Docker Application Containerization for Rapid Deployment
Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI)/ Continuous Deployment (CD) and Continuous Testing
SimpleQR QR Code generation and management



  • UI/UX
  • App Development
  • Custom Code, Design
  • Agile Project Management