“Automating the software development lifecycle. Allowing to release changes more often yet with fewer defects.”

Automating the software development and operations tasks is a key success factor for today’s organizations. Coupled with incremental development, businesses can release changes more often yet with fewer defects.

Effective configuration management allows IT teams to make these changes or restore services in the event of an outage in minutes, rather than days. Our goal is to get your organization into a state of continuous delivery while reducing your overall downtime.


Continuous Integration, Testing, and Deployment

Automation is a building block of a great development teams workflow. Every task that can be done by a machine should be. Automation gives you the time to focus. Each time code is pushed to your repository, it is automatically called, rigorously tested, and after passing the tests, automatically deployed to the cloud. Pretty cool huh? You can be sure that the most important steps your customers will take through your system are working, regardless of the changes you make. This gives you the confidence to experiment, implement new features, and ship updates quickly. Cynerge has your answer.


Cynerge specializes in containerizing applications, databases, and bridging the two to run independently. Containers allow you to get software to run reliably when moved from one computing environment to another. Need to move your app from a  developer’s pc to a test environment, from a staging environment into production, and perhaps from a physical machine in a data center to a virtual machine in a private or public cloud? Whatever your container needs, Cynerge can provide.

Software Development

“Custom-designed and built applications can provide your business the edge it needs to stay ahead of your competition”

Our team will assess the business goals and requirements and work to design, build, test, and implement a solution that fits through our agile development practices.

We believe in rapid development with iterative deployments that ensure we are building exactly what you need.

Business Driven Design

We build applications with the business needs and end user in mind. We start with wireframes that visually model your requirements so that you can see and feel how the application will function. We build on that base so that as the application comes to life, you already know how it will work, and what it will look like. No surprises, no missed requirements.

Cloud Ready

We design and build all of our applications from the ground up with a cloud ready approach. This allows us the necessary tools to ensure your application can reap the benefits of continuous integration and continuous testing. Our cloud ready applications establish seamless deploys to AWS, Azure, Heroku, and Google. Cloud hosting removes the need of hardware and maintenance, offers unlimited instance scaling, and a robust and resilient hosting model, ensuring your data is safe and secure. The cloud is calling, are you ready?


Business needs evolve and change for any team. We build our applications as a collection of micro-services that can easily be updated and evolved to meet your changing demands. The best businesses are able to pivot and meet their customer needs, and our framework allows us to do that fluidly, without ripping apart the application.


IT optimization

“Reviewing IT assets, reconciling the usage, right-sizing what has been purchased, and maintaining records against future IT spending leakage. (FITARA compliance, software asset management)”

IT costs continue to increase. Often, the organization does not really know what it has purchased, where it is being used, or why someone bought it in the first place. Reviewing IT assets, reconciling the usage, right-sizing what has been purchased, and maintaining these records against future IT spending leakage can save your organizations millions annually.

Software asset management, data center consolidation, and application inventory services are some of our approaches. We attack this as a supply chain problem, not an IT problem, and provide effective processes that allow you optimize your IT spend.

FITARA Compliance

In the Federal sector, Cynerge has been instrumental in designing and developing solutions that help agencies comply with the FITARA regulation. Cynerge can help your agency with the assessment and implementation, not just checking boxes.

Application Migration

Cynerge has served as project managers, technical leads, architects, and developers for the migration, consolidation, and retirement of over 600 applications and databases from over 180 production data centers to 1.

Program Management

Cynerge is responsible for tracking and facilitating the activity of over 60 projects within one of the CIO functional areas.