By Laura Laney | Cynerge Consulting

Our mission at Cynerge Consulting is to help organizations realize their potential by aligning business processes with information technology. What this means is different for every organization, but whether it’s developing a new digital product, streamlining and automating processes, or assessing an organization’s portfolio of IT assets, cloud service providers have become core to walking out this mission.   

As the adoption and application of cloud computing has grown, so, too, has Cynerge’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). In the last month, Cynerge has been named an AWS Select Consulting Partner, joined the Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program, and been accepted into AWS’ global Partner Accelerator Program. The Partner Accelerator Program identifies promising, innovative, and solution-oriented companies worthy of additional resources and promotion from AWS.

Partner levels and certifications are determined by deep and demonstrated experience using AWS solutions, including referenceable clients and past performances. Cynerge’s Public Sector certification comes on the strength of more than 15 years as a contractor to the federal government, including cloud and AWS-specific solutions.

AWS Consulting Partner Badge

AWS is the most extensive and broadly adopted cloud platform globally, boasting more than 200 services from storage and infrastructure to machine learning and artificial intelligence. While the full range of AWS offerings is broad and diverse, Cynerge’s focus has been on the cloud platform that allows us to store and run applications and websites for our clients.

So, what does it mean to work with an AWS Select Partner? Hiring an AWS Select Partner to address your business needs results in lower costs, more reliability, and faster speed of service, as well as access to the most flexible and secure cloud computing infrastructure available today.

Whether it’s hosting, migrating, or consolidating your IT environments to the cloud, Cynerge Consulting is happy to help. Our team of professional AWS consultants is ready to understand your unique challenges, goals, and to help your organization adopt and embrace the power of cloud computing and infrastructure.

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