Success Stories

Cynerge has shown an ability to consistently deliver positive results and has a sterling record of past performance.  A short list of some favorites is noted below.  Additionally, our resources have extensive experience prior to starting with Cynerge.  Please inquire if you would like more detail on our past performance.

Featured Engagements

USDA Forest Service

Application Migration – Cynerge resources served as project managers, technical leads, architects, and developers for the migration, consolidation, and retirement of over 600 applications and databases from over 180 production data centers to 1.

USDA Forest Service

Program Management – Cynerge is responsible for tracking and facilitating the activity of over 60 projects within one of the CIO functional areas.

USDA Forest Service

Integrated Resource Portfolio Management Application – Cynerge resources provided technical leadership, architecture, development, and database expertise for the creation and build of a new portfolio governance application.  This system is now used to manage all Forest Service IT spend across the agency.

General Motors

Project Management & Supply Chain Analysis – Cynerge was responsible for managing the design, build, and deployment of a raw materials purchasing and resale system that handles several billion in annual throughput.