• Automating the software development lifecycle (DevOps)

    • Automating the software development and operations tasks is a key success factor for today’s organizations. Coupled with incremental development, businesses can release changes more often yet with fewer defects.  Effective configuration management allows IT teams to make these changes or restore services in the event of an outage in minutes, rather than days. Our goal is to get your organization into a state of continuous delivery while reducing your overall downtime.
    • Tools we use here – Jenkins, Puppet, Vagrant
  • Custom software development

    • Custom-designed and built applications can provide your business the edge it needs to stay ahead of your competition. Our team will assess the business goals and requirements and work to design, build, test, and implement a solution that fits through our agile development practices. We believe in rapid development with iterative deployments that ensure we are building exactly what you need.
  • Effective IT optimization (FITARA compliance, software asset management)

    • IT costs continue to increase. Often, the organization does not really know what it has purchased, where it is being used, or why someone bought it in the first place. Reviewing IT assets, reconciling the usage, right-sizing what has been purchased, and maintaining these records against future IT spending leakage can save your organizations millions annually.  Software asset management, data center consolidation, and application inventory services are some of our approaches. We attack this as a supply chain problem, not an IT problem, and provide effective processes that allow you optimize your IT spend.
    • In the Federal sector, Cynerge has been instrumental in designing and developing solutions that help agencies comply with the FITARA regulation. Cynerge can help your agency with the assessment and implementation, not just checking boxes.




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