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Software Development

Custom-designed and built applications can provide your business the edge it needs to stay ahead of your competition


Release changes more often yet with fewer defects.

FITARA compliance & Software Asset Management

Reviewing IT assets, reconciling the usage, right-sizing what has been purchased, and maintaining records against future IT spending leakage.

Cynerge Consulting

Solving business issues with information technology

What we do:

Cynerge is a leading service provider focused on helping business and government clients excel by applying the right technology to business problems. We focus on optimizing spend, automating everything we can, and building efficient solutions that your entire team can understand. We approach projects as business problems and apply a solution that best fits, through an iterative process that can be built upon. We are an experienced team of highly skilled resources, with backgrounds within and outside information technology.

What we focus on:
  • Automating the software development lifecycle thru the use of DevOps practices
  • Custom software development
  • Effective IT optimization, especially in the areas of FITARA compliance, software asset management, and data center consolidation

Cynerge is rooted in the belief that effective management, proactive communication, and clear expectations are the key factors in project success. Project failure often is not a technology issue; it’s a people or management issue. The translation from planning to delivery requires a team that understands both.  We don’t just write strategy papers – we see them through to implementation.

Cynerge is different in our approach – we look at things as both the C-level executive and the technologist. Thru the dual viewpoint we design and build solutions that will prove we will be your strategic IT partner.